• Surge Protection from Power Surges

    October 2, 2013 | Blog | Luc
  • Voltage surge and voltage spikes are commonly referred to when electricity flows back through the system.  The increase in voltage can vary from few volts to thousands of volts depending on what creates the surge or the spike.

    External Power Surges

    We are all aware of power surges due to lightning strikes and the damages that it creates. The amount of electricity traveling back through the electrical system it can be in the thousands of volts.

    Internal Power Surges

    Although not so dramatic as the external power surges, the internal surges are more common and thus more often the cause of gradual or immediate damage to sensitive equipment. These internal power surges are created by high power demand equipment such as motors, refrigerator, tools, pumps, compressors.


    There are various products available based on your needs and budget from Power Surge Protection Outlet Bar which typically protects individual appliances up to 6000 volts to whole house Surge Protection which can protect your house from surges up to 20,000 volts. 


    How do I determine what size surge protection I need?


    Hi Tony, There are many surge protection products out there. Choosing the right one its all about what are you trying to protect. You can start with a power strip which is convenient, affordable and portable; great for charging your laptop while in a hotel. That you can buy from many stores such as Home Depot, The Source, Wallmart, Staples, etc For your whole house, you should consider a surge protector that protects the electrical panel. Not all this Type 2 SPD are made the same. We can help you choose the right surge protection based on how many joules, the size of the panel and calculated load. Some good manufacturers are Schneider Electric, Eaton, Belkin, Leviton and many others. This is the first level of protection that I recommend for the whole house especially in BC where most of the spikes come from internal heavy consumers such as motors, pumps, AC Units, garage door openers, tools, etc. In contrast, Alberta and Saskatchewan is seeing a lot more external spikes from lightning and the local hydro company. For this, you will need a larger surge protection unit. BC residents should also consider this protection as we have seen many more spikes generated by BC Hydro. http://globalnews.ca/news/2884211/power-surge-sparks-anger-after-bc-hydro-admits-fault/BC News Below I will add a link to Schneider Electric product selection. http://www.schneider-electric.ca/documents/electrical-distribution/en/shared/catalogue/DE7.pdf You can always give us a call and we will be more than happy to pass by and evaluate your protection needs.