• Renewable Energy Solutions

  • At Budget Electric Ltd we work closely with BC Hydro to access all their incentives and rebates applicable to each specific installation. Did you know that solar panels are the top choice in selling electricity back to BC Hydro.  The smart meters are bi-directional which means that you are one step closer to being able to sell electricity to BC Hydro. In other words you make your own electricity, create a revenue stream and increase the value of your property.


    A photovoltaic system contains a number of solar panels connected together, inverter, disconnect switches, wiring, bonding and grounding. The solar panels themselves come in a variety of options and specifications all of which play an important role in the selection of the system that will best work for your needs and location.

    Wind Turbines

    If the wind conditions and local regulations are favorable, small wind turbines can provide one of the most cost effective renewable energy sources with zero emission and pollution.

    A wind turbine is made up of

    1. Turbine
    2. Tower
    3. Balance of System Components
    1. A controller
    2. Storage batteries
    3. An inverter (power conditioning unit)
    4. Wiring
    5. Electrical disconnect switch
    6. Grounding system
    7. Foundation for the tower.


    Micro-Hydro and Pico-Hydro Power

    A micro-hydro employs the natural flow of water to produce from 5KW to 100 KW.


    The process of harnessing the kinetic energy of a body of water is called hydrokinetic. This method of harnessing energy is often used for those who have access to tidal waters, waves or ocean currents.

    Stationary fuel cells

    The stationary fuel cells are becoming a viable alternative to the combustion heat engines for the production of electrical power. These systems can be used as back-up power or for off grid installations.