• Pot Lights

  • Pot lights are made of two components; the housing and the trim. While choosing the housing is mostly dependant on the location, construction style the trim is mostly based on application and personal preference.

    Line vs Low Voltage

    Low Voltage pot lights are using a transformer to feed 12V to the fixture. These lights are most often used if you need accent or task lighting. Line voltage pot lights are the most common pot lights operating on the house 120V line voltage and further explained below.

    New Construction vs Remodel

    New construction pot lights have a larger housing with metal support legs that get nailed into the trusses prior to the installation of the drywall. Remodel pot lights are smaller in size and able to fit in smaller spaces. These lights are often used where the owner wants pot lights in an existing ceiling where the drywall is installed and finished. However, due to simplicity, cost and style, I have also installed remodel LED pot lights in new housing projects, though the installation procedure is different.

    IC vs Non-IC Rated

    IC rated pot lights are used in spaces where insulation is found in between the trusses. These could be in attic spaces where the building code requires insulation or in between trusses where the owner wanted to put additional insulation. Non-IC pot lights can be used in spaces without insulation or a minimum of 3 inches distance has to be maintained between the pot light housing and the insulation.

    Trim Size

    Each manufacturer makes their own variety and options of trims based on the purpose and visual aesthetics desired. The trims are available from 3” to 6” in diameter.

    Trim Style

    Choosing the trim style depends on whether the light will be used for general lighting, accent, task, wall wash or wet location and they come in baffle, reflector, open, LED, eyeball, wall wash, pinhole, lens.


    Deciding on what light to install where can be a taunting task. Chat now with one of our technicians or call 604.792.3532 for more information, pictures of pot lights, applications, links and cost. We are here to help.