• Knob & Tube Wiring

  • Background Information

    Knob & Tube was an acceptable installation of the electrical wires in houses built between 1900’s and 1940’s. It is often called open wiring installation involving separate conductors running between joists and supported on porcelain knobs and inserted in porcelain tubes where it penetrates a stud.

    Knob & Tube Concerns

    Due to upgrades to the electrical code, the knob & tube installations is not used anymore in new construction.  Insurance companies have attributed a large number of residential fires associated with the knob & tube and are often requesting upgrades to the electrical system or a complete replacement of all the knob & tube in the house.


    The electrical code addresses and recommends specific installation procedures addressing knob & tube. The best solution depends on accessibility, location and condition of the wires, future use of the electrical system and upgrades, etc. We have completed numerous jobs where we have changed the wiring in the whole house and in other instances we have applied the recommended code rules to create a safe system.

    Before you start worrying, you should give as a call at 778.792.3532 or chat with one of our technicians for further information. Most often the insurance company requires an electrical contractor to inspect the house. As part of our services we offer a comprehensive inspection detailed in a three page report.