• 100 Amps, 200 Amps, 400 Amps Service Upgrade

  • Before you start investing in a service upgrade, read this article to the end to get all the facts and give us a call to determine if you indeed need a service upgrade.

    Keep in mind

    Upgrading your service involves additional steps and actions aside from changing the mast and meter base. It is important that you understand the whole scope of work and what it involves in order to make a calculated decision.

    In older houses the mast was allowed to be installed inside the wall. Not anymore. Under the new code, we now need to run the mast on the outside of the house. In those instances the old wiring system needs to be removed or capped in a safe manner as per the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) and Building Code. Due to specific support and strapping requirements of the mast, there might be instances where access to the structural wood frame where the mast will be attached, needs to be accessible; therefore, repairs to the drywall might be required after the completion of the service upgrade.

    Old equipment is usually discarded and new material that is CSA approved needs to be installed in the approved location and at proper height. Many of the locations that were acceptable before for a panel and meter base location, are not an approved location under the new electrical code or under BC Hydro / New Westminster Hydro.

    The old panel needs to be removed and a new panels that is based on the ampacity of the new service needs to be installed. Depending on the size of your house, you could be without power anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. If you have equipment that needs constant power let us know so we can bring in a temporary generator.

    The service upgrade can be done in many ways, depending on the location of the house, size of servie needed,where the Hydro pole is located, the distance to the house, if the meter base is going to be located on the house or on a pole.

    During our meetings and conversation we will find out all that information and determine the best installation procedure looking to maintain a low cost, least amount of labour and equipment while keeping in mind future plans and power demand.


    Our Way of Doing Business

    With every service upgrade,aside from determining an installation procedure, we also perform a Demand Factor Calculation which also keeps in mind present use and future power usage. We work closely with Hydro and their schedule to make sure that you are not experience any majour power loss during the day. Additionally, we provide you a letter of completion together with all the issued permits and inspection letters or we can mail it directly to your insurance company.



    At Budget Electric we have many years of experience, resulting in faster work, accurate advice which translates in substantial savings for you.

    Give us a call today to and we will be happy to discuss your project and see how we can be of assistance.